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Gouna Beach apartment

Gouna Beach apartment

This Gouna triplex has three floors with extensive terraces overlooking the expansive views of the Red Sea. The ground floor includes the main double height living and dining area, kitchen, master suite, an extra bedroom, and a guest toilet. The first level has two other bedrooms and a kitchenette to serve that floor. The final floor has an outdoor entertaining area with an external kitchen bar, large seating space, and a small horizon pool facing the view. The internal layout and materials were changed from the developer's plan to make it more accommodating to the client.

Materials used are local, artisanal, and experimental; the largest experimental unit built for this residence, using compressed palm ribs, is the floor-to-ceiling Jereed unit in the double height living room. The floors are made of hand-laid terrazzo, using mortar, marble leftover granules, and recycled blue glass. The bathrooms and outdoor kitchen are also lined with hand-laid terrazzo.

All the plants are desert-based, requiring little watering, and all other furniture and fixtures were sourced locally as much as possible.

Photography by Yehia al Alaily

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