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The International Design and Architecture Awards 2017: Fabric

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The International Design and Architecture Awards 2017: Fabric

Shortlisted for Fabric Award in The International Design and Architecture Awards 2017

We are delighted to have been shortlisted for Fabric Award in The Product Design Categories within The International Design and Architecture Awards 2017

The River Sunset fabric has been designed as part of our Safari Collection, released in April 2016. It is a collection of linen fabrics and wallpapers which celebrates the landscape, flora and fauna of South Africa whilst the manufacturing of the collection is based in Britain.

Cut Out Sofa with throw pillow made with Safari River Sunset fabric

Soft gradations of colour, from subtle greys to vibrant greens and yellows, juxtaposed against the brightly coloured painterly brush strokes and hand drawn flora and fauna define the new safari collection. Inspired by the stunning landscapes of South Africa, the new collection of natural linens and wallpapers bring together beautifully rendered imagery and textures. The river sunset fabric is bolder in its painterly texture, printed in bright yellows and greens as well as subtle greys. The fabric is characterised by tonal variations and is a celebration of the unique quality of digital printing, which allows for revealing the painterly effect of hand painted fabric designs as well as adaptability where the colour can be customised to fit any colour scheme.

Close up of the Safari River Sunset fabric

Hedayat’s favourite aspect is the textural variation of the fabric. The rich textural feel of the patterns along with the natural variations of tone and colour makes this collection very versatile in its use. The fact that this fabric is digitally printed, makes it possible to customise the colour tones to suit any interior environment. The process started by a trip to South Africa and a notebook.  The inspiration then was consolidated into a collection and then the hand drawing and painting process was initiated in the studio. The designs were scanned, rendered in different repeats and colourways, then sent to the printers.